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New sails !

At Omar Sailmakers in New Bern, North Carolina, we offer custom sail making services. To ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship at the best price, every sail we make is custom measured, and built to your boat’s specifications, sailing preferences, and intended use.

Below is an example of kind of information you should expect to receive in your new sail consultation. 

Example of a quote for a 135% Dacron genoa for a Catalina 30: "Here are five different options that include three different design cuts and two weights of fabric. As for fabric weight: It is a matter of preference and the type of sailing that one does. If maximum durability and sail life are what one is after, then the 7.2 oz cloth is the way to go. If on the other hand, one does their best only to go out on pleasant days and are not planning an offshore cruising trip, I would recommend going with the 6.2 oz fabric. The lighter weight will make the sailing shape better in lighter airs and the sail will be easier to handle. A sail made with the lighter weight fabric is still durable enough to roller reef and be carried on those fall days when the wind pipes up here suddenly. As for design: The tri-radial cut is the more expensive option. By orienting the fabric along the sails load paths, it will be less prone to stretch and will hold its shape longer than the crosscut sails. Another option is the Warp Panel cut. We developed this design to offer the offshore cruising sailor with a sail that is longer lasting that the typical cross-cut sail, but less expensive than a tri-radial sail. The cross cut sails are the most affordable and will be delivered the quickest. In order to make these sails as durable as they can be I do a couple of things that are not typical of other maker’s standard sails. First, I design them by “rocking” the panels along the leech. This uses a bit more fabric, but it produces a leech with more stretch resistance. I also add a leech reinforcement belt of 3 inch wide 7 oz Dacron to prevent stretch along the leech. Shape holding over the life of the sail will not be as good as the tri-radial; however we do our best to mitigate stretch along the leech, which is where these sails tend to break down first."

Our Processes

Our facility is specifically designed with the right amount of space to lay out and make sails in-house. We have access to computer-controlled cutting and precision assembly techniques and have also teamed up with a major overseas production facility to assist with building your sail when requested. Let us sit down with you to decide the best route to take for the fabrication of your new sail.

Cruising Sails

We sell custom Dacron sails designed and built to provide maximum durability. Our sails are designed "in-house" using industry proven software to match your particular boat and the kind of sailing you do..

Racing Sails

We continue to serve local racing sailors with products built with the latest technology and fabrics. We custom design your racing sails to ensure a fast and relatively longer sail – keeping you competitively out front.

First 36.7 with Elite 40 Heavy Spinnaker and GPL 21/14 Main

Soverel 33 with CZ15 2oz #1 Genoa and GPL 14/10 Main

Elite 32 with GPL. 10 Tri-Radial Main and AirX 600 Spinnaker

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