Start Your Summer Off Right With New Sails! 

At Omar Sailmakers we have serviced the North Carolina region with quality service and products since 1978. You can expect the same excellence in workmanship and service that you have come to know from us in our new location – New Bern, North Carolina. 

We take pride in the quality of our new sails as well as our sail repairs. Check out the "New Sails" tab to see an example of the custom information provided to you with a quote.  Start by giving us a call or email for and let us know your specific needs.

Shopping is a Breeze

Get a sailor in your life something special and something new. We now offer gift certificates.

DACRON Cruising MAINSAILS – And More...

  • Adjustable Batten Receptacles
  • Boat Builders’ Emblem
  • Four Full Battens
  • High Modulus Dacron
  • Leech Line
  • Leech Tell Tales

  • Rope Luff’
  • Sail Numbers
  • Slides
  • Triple Seams
  • Two Reefs

Omar Sails & Rigging
The Live Sailor's Forum (SOCIAL) that we have been hosting has been going well the last couple of months.  This month however we will be attending The "Pirates of the Neuse" Parrothead Party on Saturday July 23 - Issac Taylor Garden, 228 Craven Street New Bern. JOIN US!